6 tips for students

Без названияSix years ago I just came to study in the university. Not knowing about life and higher education, practically nothing, having neither money nor parent connections, I was just beginning to learn the world.

What did I miss then? An experienced mentor who would help me find answers to many questions helped me make important decisions, some authority on which I could be equal, a person who had already achieved all that I wanted.

But, unfortunately, fate ordered so that “at hand” such a person was not. And even parents who, it seems, should be an example for us with the necessary experience, could not help me, because They, in general, the people are quite simple and, perhaps, had an adequate outlook in the field of university education.

Several years have passed, many events have taken place, a lot of mistakes have been made. Some of them will never be able to be fixed. Achievements, of course, can also be bragged, but now it’s not about that.

I would just like to share my student experience and give some advice to students and applicants so that they may not repeat my mistakes. Use law essay writing services if you want to save your time.

Tip 1. Learn to communicate, always know how to make contact with people

The University is an amazing place. Hardly in your future life you will fall into such a conglomeration of the most diverse, diverse and interesting young people gathered in one place. Here you can master the communication skill in perfection. Look for the right, “your” people, hold on to them, and learn to respect all the others around you. Know how to make contact with them. This is likely to be a very important skill that will help you more than once.

Communicate more! Very rarely, single people suffering from “autism” are well organized in life. Never forget the simple truth: friends are the easiest to buy at school and university, later it will be incomparably more difficult to do.

Tip 2. Focus on the important

Set goals before you, reach them, rejoice at your small victories, enjoy them. Repeat this procedure again and again. Learn to keep your attention on the most important training courses, on the most important things for you at the university. Focus your attention, make plans for the future, but never lose the feeling of the present moment. It is at the moment, direct all your energy, all your energy. But please do not lose control at the same time to everyone else.

Tip 3. Do not get used to work during training

This is very controversial for many, but this is no less important advice. Never, never work while studying at university! Particularly, on a full-time basis and on a permanent job. A full-time job is likely to ruin your education, and the “system” will diligently promote this.

Why? You’re wasting time. Do you gain experience? It is not always useful. Are you completely sure of what you will need in the future?

Just remember that as long as you invest your mind, health and time in the development of someone else’s company (it’s someone else’s, your company is quite another matter), someone at the same time invests in the development of their personality and intellect. What, in your opinion, is a higher priority? Think over this question. And if the work is more important for you, then try to answer the question, why do you need education then …

Tip 4. Learn, learn, learn

Work on yourself, constantly. It is just necessary to constantly improve, to look for new sources of information. Read, write, and decide. Do not be afraid to prove yourself, take part in everything that you consider interesting: olympiads, contests, competitions, grants, trips … Keep track of these events and find important and interesting for yourself.

Do not feel satisfied, having mastered all the knowledge gained in the class. Remember that this is just the minimum required. Not every student achieves success, therefore it is necessary to always be one step ahead of everyone else.

Do not be afraid that your knowledge will not be of any use to anyone. Intelligent, intelligent “heads” are expensive. Never did knowledge remain “unpunished,” and labor – unrewarded! Do not think that in your case there will be an exception to this rule.

And most importantly, do so that your “study does not interfere with education.”

Young people, talented by nature, very few, most of them have to make their way into life by hard everyday work.

Tip 5. Pay attention to your estimates

Everyone knows, perhaps, examples of the fact that some well-known personalities (who will not name them) have not graduated from the university, but at the same time they perfectly feel themselves in this life, having achieved striking successes. But!

First, they are far from being proud of the fact that universities did not finish, and do not preach this lifestyle at all. Do they give priority to people without education when hiring? No!


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